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What is Hijab?

What is Hijab

One of our supporters Hidden Pearls recently published a very informative article on our website titled What is Hijab. It is a great read. I would strongly recommend reading it. As a non-Muslim, most of us don’t know much about Hijab. To be honest, we hardly know anything about Muslims anway other than what our media feeds us which usually portrays them as backwards, barbarians, violent and primitive type of people. The logic is quite simple, if Muslims are all these, then how come they have increased from a few handful in small city Makkah to now a staggering 2 Billion plus all around the World. There is almost no continent on Earth which doesn’t have a Muslim majority country! Clearly we are being told negative stuff about them for political reasons.

Hijab in Islam

Anyway coming back to the article, the writer discusses the etymology of the word hijab. I for one was surprised to find out the word hijab in Arabic meant a barrier or partition. There is another thing that surprised me was that men are prescribed hijab in Islam. In the holy book of Muslims i.e. Quran, Muslims are asked to lower their gaze and not stare at women…this is considered to be their hijab. The writer also goes into details as to how the concept hijab has evolved in different geographical locations of the World. I for one myself can attest to this fact. In Mideast you see most women wearing this lose lower covering called Abayas whereas you hardly see this in Malaysia or Turkey. Colourful headscarves are all the rage in the latter countries. Asians have different types of hijabs. In UK and West, hijab usually means a headscarf which is very different to what it means in parts of Africa.

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